About Me

IMG_0394You could say that cooking is my “passion”.  My life revolves around cooking. I love to share my recipes and food with family and friends. Donating my food completes me. My slogan, “if you don’t like what I made, throw it away”.

Another thing that brings me joy is that my children, Ryan and Rebecca are such amazing cooks too. They text me their creations and even “throw it down” between the two of them.

It brings a smile to my face.

I want to thank everyone who supports me in this “krazy” adventure: my husband Don of course who benefits the most from my cooking, my kid’s Ryan and Rebecca, my mom, sister Connie and brother Andy. Thanks to my friend Jenny Schroeder who supports all I do and actually started me on this adventure. My “throw down” friend Teresa and neighbor Jeff who accepts my food; he is my test kitchen so to speak. My friend Gina from Mibb’s and Viv’s Bar & Grill, you are amazing! Chef Feker from Il Mito, thanks for opening my eyes and changing my life. My buddy Tom from the gym who loves my cookies and helped me to realize my potential with my website.

My goal is to make my mark somehow in this world through food and family. I work to achieve this every day along with random acts of kindness. I am blessed!


Painting By Rebecca Murray

This is Me in all my “krazy” glory. Thanks Becky