Chef Feker

So we are a home show in Milwaukee one cold February day. We needed to get out of the house so the home show was our best bet.  It was crowded to say the least. We strolled down each aisle taking in all the home improvements we could. After battling the crowd for what it seemed forever we came upon the center of the home show. We were able to grab a beer and find a place to sit.  But then I noticed a huge bunch of chairs facing what it looked like a mock kitchen. I then thought, oh great another kitchen gadget sales pitch but then I saw that it was a guest chef. I was intrigued.  We decided to sit, relax and enjoy the show along with about 100 other people.

Chef Michael Feker (IL MITO Trattoria e Enoteca) took the stage and in front of him was the largest sauté pan I had ever seen.  I would love to own one of these pans, but where would I store it? At first I thought he was going to prepare a paella. He started to speak and I was immediately drawn to his every word. Was he really going to make risotto for all these people…oh yes…he was. And he was doing a shrimp asparagus risotto…was he insane. I appreciated his passion and wanted to be a part of it.

Could he pull this off? Risotto for all these people?  He did amazing things with the asparagus using every part of this wonderful veggie; blending even the part that I would have discarded.

He spoke and cooked and before you knew it he was ready to serve. We stood in line and I thought this was going to be either under or over cooked. The shrimp would be tough. How could he cook for all these people in such a short time span?

What was I thinking, he is a professional chef and yes…it was amazing! I even had a tear in my eye. I need to speak to this man.

We sat…we saw…we ate…I needed more. He was gracious enough to take questions but I needed something more intimate. After service he was still in his mock kitchens so I, with much anticipation was able to approach him. I was shaking nervously. He was very gracious and gave me the chance to speak.

I asked him how I could fulfill my passion for cooking without working in a restaurant. What he said still lives and breathes in me every day. He told me to do what I love but to reach out and share my passion and skills with others. He then gave me a huge hug and a smile. I will never forget this for he was so sincere; not just brushing me off.  I knew he felt my passion for cooking.

This is what brought me to where I am now. Creating and maintain my website and doing what I always wanted to do…a cook book. What a wonderful journey I have experienced.  God is amazing but, you need to listen!

Thank you Chef Feker!

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