Christmas 2013

Are you ready for Christmas yet? I just finished my holiday cooking today. For Christmas Eve we are having ham sandwiches, Minestrone Soup and Bourbon Weiner’s. I like the ease of the soup and sandwich idea. My husband’s family will fill in the blanks with cheese and sausage, veggie trays and deviled eggs. Always remember to ask for help when cooking for large groups. It makes it easier on you and it is always fun to see what other people’s favorite recipes are.

I have included the Minestrone Soup recipe below and you can search my website for the Bourbon Weiner’s recipe. The Minestrone Soup recipe comes from my very good friend Chris. I have never made Minestrone Soup and her recipe is delicious; a little time consuming with the prep work but it well worth your time and effort. I made a double batch and it made about 16 cups. I served the soup topped with fresh Pecorino Romano cheese. Make extra to freeze for those long cold winter nights.

For Christmas Day we are going for an Italian theme; hence the double batch of Minestrone Soup. I made a meat lasagna and Simple Bolognese (Recipe courtesy Giada De Laurentiis)

Read more at:

The only additions to her recipe were that I added 6 ounces of Pancetta and ½ cup red wine. I found that this adds some smokiness and sweetness to the overall taste. This recipe is also posted on my website.

All these recipes are relatively easy to make and freeze. A key to holiday cooking, get organized early, cook and freeze. By doing this you too can enjoy the holiday instead of being a slave in the kitchen.

Again, my family will also be helping with the cooking. My daughter and niece are making a veggie lasagna, my sister is making a seafood lasagna and I have family bringing salad and some great Italian bread.

Happy Cooking and May God Bless you and your family.


FYI: Another helpful Christmas help; Christmas Cards or should I say Christmas Postcards. Here is the website I use.

Once you have your mailing list set (excel template), you can download a family picture, write a short note, apply postage and send. It took me about 20 minutes to send out 57 Christmas Postcards for about 80 cents a piece.


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