Christmas Wreaths – Unbaked


32                    Large Marshmallows

6 TBS.              Butter

½ tsp.               Vanilla

½ tsp.               Almond Extract

2-3 tsps.           Green Food Coloring (add more depending of the shade of green you like)

4 cups              Corn Flakes

Red Cinnamon Candies


Melt marshmallows and butter in a double boiler (large bowl placed in a sauce pot with simmering water). Mix in flavorings and food coloring. Add corn flakes. Stir gently to coat. Remove double boiler from heat keeping the large bowl in place to keep mixture warm. Butter or spray (non-stick cooking spray) hands well. Spoon tablespoon of mixture onto parchment paper; spread out to resemble a wreath. Decorate immediately with red cinnamon candies (2-3 per wreath).  Depending on the size we usually get about 3 dozen per batch.

My son and I make these every year. They are quick, easy and taste like a more adult rice crispy treat.

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