Herb Tips and Tricks


I found this in the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel and found it very helpful!

Herb tips and tricks

We’ve all been there. You spend good money at the grocery store on a fantastic container of fresh herbs. Then a few days later they’re all wilted (before you even get a chance to use them). To give your herbs staying power, follow these tips.

1. Grow your own herbs at home or buy smaller amounts of herbs at the market. Only using what you need creates less waste.

2. To store herbs in the refrigerator, wrap them in a damp paper towel and place in a storage bag unsealed in the crisper drawer.

3. Place your herbs in a glass vase filled with water (as you would fresh flowers), and store them on the countertop. Voilà! Instant centerpiece.

4. To dry herbs, place in a sunny window on a baking sheet and turn every day until dry.

5. Freeze fresh herbs in water or oil in ice cube trays in the freezer. Pop out a cube or two and add to homemade soup.


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