Loon’s Day’s 2013

Earlier this month we were in Mercer, Wisconsin for their annual Loon’s Day celebration. This brings about 25 people to my sister’s home for brunch and booze. Apple French Toast (see my posting for recipe), Steak and Baguette (see my posting for recipe), Quiche (veggie and meat versions), Sausage Gravy, Sausage, Cheesy Potatoes (I have got to get this recipe from my sister…she is the best!), lot’s of fruit, Bloody Mary’s and Bruce’s Juices (also a recipe needed from my sister).

Fruit Platter from Pearl…Thanks for the bird

Flank Steak and Baguette

WOW….so much fruit…we are healthy!

Apple French Toast

Cheesy Potatoes…Yum…Connie is the Best

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