Turkish Spices

Thanks Peter!

My daughter Rebecca’s boyfriend recently went to Turkey for his sister’s wedding and look what he brought back with him. Happy Birthday to me.

This spice ring included the following spices:

SAFFRON, Paprica, Oregano, Cumin, Black Pepper, Coriander, Mixed Pepper, Indian Saffron, Mint, Sumac, Fennel, Curry, Chilli, Rosemary, Black Sesame, Lor Beer (bay leaf). The ring also included a beautiful brass spice grinder. (spelling of the above came directly off the spice packs)

Please check out my posted Paella recipe inspired by receiving the saffron from Turkey. I cannot wait to make my lamb with the mint and rosemary.

I am so curious to try Sumac (Sumac has a tart flavor that is very nice sprinkled on fish, chicken, over salad dressings, rice pilaf, or over raw onions.) Thanks to The Spice House website for this information.

Be inspired and curious!

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